Wooden dishes, accessories and equipment


National legislation

Regulation on Health Suitability of Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Direct Contact with Food
Official Gazette, No. 125/2009 and 31/2011

Act on General Use Good (see Article 49, point 2.)
Official Gazette, No. 39/201347/2014114/2018 and 53/2022


Competent authority

Ministry of Health
Email: helpdesk_sigurnost_hrane@miz.hr
Phone: +385 1 46 07 555
Web: https://zdravlje.gov.hr/

Scope of application

Wooden dishes, accessories and equipment in contact with the food

Main requirements that the business user needs to know about

Article 72

Wooden dishes, accessories and equipment intended for storing or transporting certain foods, raw materials or semi-finished products must be made from completely health-safe wood which does not have any scent or any other adverse effect on the organoleptic properties of food.

It is prohibited to place on the market wooden dishes, accessories and equipment which are used, dyed or treated with chemical agents in order to prevent rotting and drying.

Products from paragraph 1 of this article, through extraction over the course of 1 hour or 24 hours, depending on the conditions in use, in distilled water at the temperature of 23°C release more than:

  • 5 mg/dm² of formaldehyde
  • 5 mg/L of lead
  • 05 mg/L of cadmium
  • 1 mg/L of chromium (IV) cations
  • 01 mg/L of mercury.

Wooded accessories (little branches from heath bell and/or coniferous trees etc.) used to intensify smoke for smoking of food must not contain, per one kilogram of wood, more than 0.05 of pentachlorophenol or its salts, expressed as pentachlorophenol.

Article 73

The inside of wooden dishes, accessories and equipment may be protected with smooth and uniform coatings, which must meet the requirements prescribed by article 32 through 71 and 82 and 84 of this Regulation with regard to the materials from which these coatings are made.

Glue and similar accessory materials may be used in production of products from paragraph 1 of this article provided that they meet the requirements from Article 15 of this Regulation.

Crosslinked polyurethane may be for gluing wood chipboards used for the production of articles provided that it is only used for direct contact with dry wood, i.e. food with dry surface and that it does not release aromatic amines in the food.


Market Surveillance Authority

State Inspectorate



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