Textile packaging


National legislation

Regulation on Health Suitability of Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Direct Contact with Food
Official Gazette, No. 125/2009 and 31/2011 

Act on General Use Good (see Article 49, point 2.)
Official Gazette, No. 39/201347/2014114/2018 and 53/2022

Competent authority

Ministry of Health
Email: helpdesk_sigurnost_hrane@miz.hr
Phone: +385 1 46 07 555
Web: https://zdravlje.gov.hr/

Scope of application

Textile packaging in contact with food

Main requirements that the business user needs to know about

Article 123

Textile packaging which during packaging come into direct contact with the food must be made from materials which are easy to clean and disinfected.

Packaging from paragraph 1 of this article must not contain bleaching or impregnation agents, or other substances which can have a harmful effect on organoleptic properties and chemical composition of food.

Products from paragraph 1 of this article, through extraction over the course of 24 hours, in distilled water at the temperature of 40°C must not release more than:

  • 5 mg/dm² of formaldehyde
  • 5 mg/L of lead
  • 05 mg/L of cadmium
  • 1 mg/L of chromium(IV) cations
  • 01 mg/L of mercury

Article 124

Textile packaging which serves for packaging food must not be painted, except for the markings on the packaging.

Dyes used to colour the markings on the textile packaging must not be water soluble and must conform with the requirements set out in article 13 and article 13 of this Regulation. Markings on the textile packaging may be placed only on the exterior part of the packaging.

Market Surveillance Authority

State Inspectorate


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